If your business is going to perform as it should online, you need a website that looks the part – but what makes a good website design? 
This month, we take a look at some of the hallmarks of effective web design, and explore how a visually appealing, intelligently designed and easy to use website can benefit your business performance. 
1. Clear navigation and the three click rule 
People are coming to your website for a reason – and if they can’t find the information they want quickly and easily, they’re likely to go elsewhere. 
The user experience needs to be at the centre of any great web design. Clear, intuitive navigation is essential, so cut out the clutter, say no thousands of links, and ensure that everything is as clean and simple as possible. 
10 easy, practical steps to improve online business performance 
Could your website be performing better? 
Would you like more web traffic? 
Do you want your website to start delivering real returns? 
For most small business owners, the answer to all three questions is a resounding yes! 
Boosting the business performance of your website is something you can do yourself, today.  

Why Responsive Design is a Vital Part of a Successful Website 

What kind of device are you reading this blog post on? Is it your laptop or desktop? Perhaps it’s your tablet or smartphone? 
Making sure that a website looks great and functions perfectly on every device is really important, and that’s where responsive web design comes in. 
In this article, we examine what responsive web design is, and why it’s so important for the performance of your website. 
Sight Support Ryedale selected itseeze Web Design Ryedale to re-design its website, which went live in the middle of last month. The charity provides support to visually impaired people and wanted their website to portray the different areas of support it provides, in a bright, cheerful and easy to read format. 
View the website by clicking on the image 
Why content is king - blogging your way to a better business 
When it comes to optimising the performance of your website, quality, original content is king. One of the easiest and most effective ways of adding high-quality, interesting and effective content to your site is by blogging. 
In this post, we’re outlining a few of the key benefits of blogging, and how updating your blog regularly with fresh posts can provide a real, measurable and sustainable boost to your online business performance. 
You can improve your digital knowledge with one of Google's free courses, covering everything from website search to social media. There are free tutorials on everything about your website to digital marketing, whether you're planning to sell online, use Twitter, Facebook, etc. to reach more people, or just get noticed! There are videos for you to watch at your leisure, or you can have some one-to-one training, you can test your skill levels if you so choose, discover loads of ways to grow your business 
For details simply click here digitalgarage.withgoogle.com 
How quickly does your website load? Potential customers are in more and more of a hurry and won’t hang around if yours is slow. You’ve got between 2 and 3 seconds to retain a visitor! 
And don’t hesitate to get in touch if yours is a “slow coach”! 
Welcome to Driffield Website - now live 
This website was initiated by the Driffield and District Business Club. The website features different businesses in and around Driffield - promoting everything this enchanting town in the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds has to offer. 
Welcome to Driffield website
Website health-checks at Scarborough Expo 
At a recent Expo at Scarborough Spa I decided I needed to try and stand out from the crowd and do something a little different. As you’ll see from the photo I dressed up as a doctor (complete with stethoscope!) and offered free health checks on people’s websites! It worked really well and generated lots of interest and enquiries. I even attracted the attention of the local radio station. If you didn’t get to attend the exhibition, don’t worry, we can still do a health check on your website. 
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